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Why should you support cancer research?

We are preaching to the choir when we say that cancer’s death toll across the globe is higher than of deadly diseases such as tuberculosis, malaria, and HIV/AIDS combined together. At this time “we are all in danger” of encountering cancer in our lives. We may either directly experience by ourselves or through our loved ones. With longer life expectancy, the threat increases even more. In Czech Republic, approximately 94,000 cancer cases are diagnosed every year. Thanks to the innovative cancer researches in past decades which has gifted us with a number of life-saviour treatment options. Every day, over 180 patients get cured and the number has reached to about 542,000 cancer survivors who have been cured or are currently undergoing treatment. But, despite of tremendous advancements, 27,000 patients succumb to the disease every year which is equivalent to approximately one death in every 20 minutes. The cancer burden is even increasing in a speedy manner, up to 20 % in every 10 years, and so is increasing burden on science. So, better understanding of the nature of the malignant disease, search for prevention strategies, timely diagnostics, and novel therapeutics – focussed on perfecting cancer treatments is a high priority today.

There are number of foundations in Czech Republic and abroad which have established endowment funds, aimed at improving the quality of health care at hospitals, nursing homes, hospices etc. So what makes us different? Cancer Research Foundation CR supports basic cancer research which will bring monumental changes in management of cancer patients, provide new hopes, and improve prospects for early diagnosis and better treatment outcomes.

“Research cure cancer, but no one takes notice; it’s the time when we must accept the responsibility and shoulder the burden of scientists for our benign tomorrows”.

Cancer of cervix – HPV Screening program:

Human papillomavirus, or HPV, is a common virus. Currently, 118 types of HPV are known. Most of them are harmless and the infection will disappear with no symptoms.

What is cancer research all about?

“Bring to an end – the uncontrolled growth of cancer cells, and stop them from travelling in our body”.

Understanding the beginning of cancer in cells

Searching for whys and wherefores – the turning points of normal cell into a tumor cell – how a tumor cell protects it from the programmed cell death, finds it’s ways of spreading in our body, and defends itself from the action of enemy drugs – factors influencing carcinogenesis – genetic risk of getting cancer etc. It is actually an oriented basic research which brings new knowledge needed to diagnose the exact targets to hit these cells, and kill them by designing the precise drugs.

Fostering novel treatment options and drug repurposing

Effective cancer control is not just about finding and testing new drugs, but the treatment is a complex combination of multiple approaches which lack attention and must be well addressed. These include radiotherapy (e.g. photon and proton radiation treatments), new surgical approaches (e.g. robotic and mini-invasive surgery), new imaging and intervention techniques, which are not a subject of major interest of large pharmaceutical companies, and require support from other resources. Moreover, fostering academic research into the use of existing universal drugs to treat new indications is crucial, as these drugs doesn’t require a patent, and can be made quickly and cheaply available to patients as compared to expensive cancer drugs produced by large pharmaceutical companies.

Improving tumour diagnosis at curable stage

In recent years, improvements in treatment outcomes have not only led to the discovery of novel diagnostic techniques which enable early detection of tumors at curable stage, but have also led to a better understanding of the biological basis for optimal treatment strategies (sometimes called personalised medicine). New methods of imaging and molecular diagnostics further allow monitoring of disease dynamics and response to treatment, and hence timely change of ineffective or toxic treatment regimens.

Preventing disease and prolonging life

Prevention is better than cure; a universal truth. But, the research to discover novel cancer prevention strategies such as better setup of screening programs, improving lifestyle, discovering ways to reduce the risk of infection by carcinogenic viruses or bacteria, looking for chemo-preventive drugs etc. still lack attention and funding support.

Finding ways to cure the deadly cancer is not as simple as it may seem from outside. It takes incredible amount of struggles of numerous scientists, and several years from the discovery of a drug at bench to reach the bedside of the patient. A number of researchers do not even get the chance to see the application of their discovery in clinic. Many a times, the huge efforts put into the research leads to blind alleys, but the truth is that without it we cannot find paths leading to solutions of even minor challenges. Therefore, it is our responsibility to fuel the cancer research by extending helping hands through funds, and support the scientists to defeat the adversary.